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Yep, it's going to get ugly for shanahan this week (considering it is the bye week) and next.

The thing that's going to kill him the most IMO is that defense. The skins have never EVER in their history been this BAD on defense. This is the NFC East, a division with its foundation being tough, physical defense. He can hide behind Haslett for now, but eventually they will come after Shanahan.

If I was to bet, I would say he doesn't get rid of Haslett during the bye week because then the heat comes solely on him. He will ride the injury excuse until the offseason to buy more time and then "fire" haslett.
You are right on how overrated he is and he always has bad defenses. Even our SB team D was pretty bad overall but were good at getting big plays and turnovers. He will fire Haslett and use DC as escape goat like he always does.
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