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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Dan Dierdorf had an orgasm over A.J. Green beating Champ Bailey on a long pass early in the first quarter, but what he didn't tell you is that Green pushed off in order to get any separation. That's a negative--on Dierdorf. The play in which Bailey gave up the touchdown to Green? Bailey was playing inside leverage, so the route call was going to be a nightmare from the beginning. Bailey got beat on a few other occasions, but not on these two plays.

Later, Andy Dalton made the mistake of thinking Bailey was a first-year corner and paid the price with an interception. Technically, I have to put Bailey here, but I do it with great reservation. After the game, Bailey rated Green as one of the top three wide receivers in the game.
Seems like an apolegitic article when anyone with 2 eyes can see the 24 year old freak was competing with the 31 year old CB and won more than he lost

On the TD one on one Green made the play on the ball better than Champ and Champ was beat. Plain and simple. Champ knows it. It's going to happen with superstar WRs.

Bailey's INT was not about Bailey but about the pressure from Ayers.
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