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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
1. Mikey never drafted Zim IIRC jones, stink and habib were all brought in as UFAs

But all the guys except neil, that replaced these were all all 4-7th rounders.

As for 2 if you go back to others boards I have been on you will see I pericted the defenses going to crap under mikey.

3 actually he won a 2. couple of rings as position coach and OC Iirc with SFO.

Seems the 3. only time he can win consistently is with HOF QBs. Joe Steve and John.

4. Time to stop having a woody for him. He really is not that good.

1. You did not specifiy WHO they were drafted by. The fact remains that the offensive line that won us titles had humble draft beginnings.

2. One as position coach. He won 2 as a HC.

3. Do you think it a coincidence that HOF coaches had HOF QB's playing for them?

4. He won the Broncos, ostensibly your favorite team, 2 titles. For that alone he deserves credit. That is not having a "woody" over him. Its showing respect and appreciation.

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