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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I always attributed that to having small fast players 1. in the later years. 4th-7th round OL guys. That would have never been drafted by other teams. None over 285 pounds but because they played ZBS and few teams at the time worried about it because no one else was doing it. They knew when we got inside the red zone our running game would ground to a halt.

Now just maybe it is mikey alone with his training habits that causes it.

2. I knew that when he took the job the defense would fall apart going from a top 5 D to the dregs. . I thought it would have been more gradual as the good players moved on or retired. Took him one year.

3. I have always said he would make a great OC, but not much after that. A brilliant tactician. Which surprises the hell out of me because just reverse engineering it would make for a great D.

1. Zimmerman was a first round pick. Nalen was a 7th round pick. Tony Jones was undrafted. Mark Schlereth went in the 10th round, Habib went in the 10th round, Dan Neil went in the third, Swayne went in the 7th. Not sure what point you were trying to make about "smaller" players. Historically the Broncos have had a smaller offensive line.

2. I bet you did.

3. And he would have gotten away with it too, except for those damn superbowl rings. That he won. As a HC.

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