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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Shanny was a great coach for 3 years and mediorce since. The last 4 years his defenses have been atrousious and now he's given up half way through the season

Playing his little mind games I hope the team turns on him
He had great talent in a bunch of HOF players and near HOF guys. During those first years. Couple that with a running scheme taught by a master of it, in Gibbs made them almost unbeatable.

But once those HF players retired or moved on we were reduced to a great O between the 20's with an occasional TD and loads of FG's.

Our defense was never great merely capitalistic and spent little time playing from behind. Almost always had a 2-4 TD lead to protect. And even then many games were not won with a killer instinct, But merely holding on..

There were a lot of nail biters that should not have been. Few games won going away.

Mikey believed that early success with UF agency would continue but everyone learned from his aquirring a few good men to go with his HOF players that were in place when he got back here.

Yet as great as they were lots of close games. And later on lots of trap game loses.
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