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Watermock - RIP

Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Just pointing out that Decker climbed the ladder to grad that final touchdown that helped seal the game for us. Like I said, maturity and inexperience. At this stage, both are easy to correct.
Both of them have grown leaps and bounds since the start of the season. Very impressed with them, and I was uber critical in the beginning.

Demaryius Thomas ran two beautiful routes today that while they weren't sexy and only amounted for 5 or 6 yards were huge. They were both on third down and he ran his route exactly to the yardage needed and got himself open for a split second and gave Manning just enough time to get the ball in.

Those were impressive.

Decker was also impressive on the TD and in a couple of plays where he gained some good yards after the catch.

They have come a long way!
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