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* We had 3 sure INT's and we only got 1 of them. Would have been nice to have gotten 1 more.

* Not Champs best game for the most part but nice recovery with the INT

* Pressure was good. We got some sacks.

* Decent game against the run. A little too much YAC though.

* 3rd down defense was pretty damn good. Always a huge key for this defense.

* A few too many big plays were given up. Tackling was good but not great.

I would have given us a B+ on defense performance because this was a road game but considering the offense we went against wasn't special. Decent but nothing great.
I agree with your grade and assessment outside of those "sure INTs"

The Tony Carter one was tough and that Chris Harris one would have been a spectacular catch for even a WR as it was thrown well behind Harris.
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