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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
How many sacks did WW have when DJ missed time. Your logic would make sense if starters are the only ones to blitz and rush the passers. WW has been on the field plenty before this year with no sacks to show for it.
I guess you know that the DCs called for him to attempt sacks?

Since none of us really knows what plays are actually called and how those plays really turned out.. Most of the stuff we talk about is conjecture.

None of us have a clue as to IF WW has been asked to attack the QB or simply learn his position of WLB last year and since we have yet another DC that was actually a Pro Bowl LB at one time it is apparent to me that WW will be the starter most likely at WLB. Brooking/Trevathan will be at MLB and well Miller is not losing the SAM spot.

Yet this year it is indeed apparent that he has been asked to spy the QB and to blitz. So far he has done well.

I also suspect that DJ will be tested on how much of if any of the play book he has absorbed along with all the booze in his exile. Until there is conclusive proof he has a clue JDR and Fox are not going to give him playing time.

In fact might just flat cut his ass or keep him inactive, until it is trading time again.

Yet another possibility exists that he play the fourth LB In a 3-4 configuration.

Unlike those of you with blind faith in him the coaches have a clue.
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