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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
It's kind of coming back now. The SuperDome wasn't in condition to have home games. So, arbitrarily they gave the Giants an extra home game, after which point, they put them in venues that were kind of in their region (but not their home per se).
I don't know how arbitrary it was. The Saints regular season started like this:
September 11, 2005 at Carolina Panthers
September 19, 2005 vs. New York Giants
September 25, 2005 at Minnesota Vikings
October 2, 2005 vs. Buffalo Bills

My point is, I would imagine that they couldn't get the venue logistics worked out in time for the NYG home opening game, but by the Oct. 2 Buffalo home game, they were able to have them relocated.

Or we could just continue to wear our tinfoil hats. Either way.
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