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Originally Posted by fwf View Post
It's Ball or 27! The deadline has passed so were stuck with the 4 backs we have. Thats on Elway. Do you have a better idea?
The running game is fine....our backs are fine

Bengals front 7 just gave us a hard time, it had nothing to do with lack of ability from our RBs.

Giving Ball and Moreno carries over Hillman wouldn't help us they would only hurt us.

Hillman is a playmaker hes also the youngest player in the NFL, give him time he will see more carries. He obviously didn't get many carries due to how the game was going, Bengals kept swinging back and keeping us in passing situations.

and McGahee is great hes not wearing down keep feeding him and he will get tough yards when we need them.

I think later in the season once we clinch the AFC West and it starts getting real cold, you will see how dominate our running game can be. Around that time I would guess it be almost split carries w/ Willis and Ronnie.

Fox and McCoy said they are going to use the hot hand approach when they wanna establish the run game. So Hillman will have his days im sure.

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