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Originally Posted by Lev Vyvanse View Post
No one was living in the Superdome at the time. They also didn't play a game in the Superdome that entire season.
Very good. And someone actually got defensive when I said this should be verified.

The 2005 New Orleans Saints season began with the team trying to improve from their 88 record from 2004. The Saints played two preseason games in the Louisiana Superdome before being forced to evacuate New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. They played the rest of the season on the road, splitting their games between their temporary headquarters at San Antonio's Alamodome, and LSU's Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, and even playing their first home game at Giants Stadium. The season ended with the firing of Jim Haslett.
It's kind of coming back now. The SuperDome wasn't in condition to have home games. So, arbitrarily they gave the Giants an extra home game, after which point, they put them in venues that were kind of in their region (but not their home per se).

So this dismisses all of these comments about it being occupied as crap. But it's not really surprising since almost no one also bothered to read past the first paragraph. Even if you grant them their erroneous premise, they still have issues to account for. Typical Mane, addle-minded, driveby discussion.
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