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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
some times Coordinators figure out although there is less money involved, there is less headaches and more time with Family if they stay a coordinator..

Dick Labuea is case in point and there are several otehrs that failed as a HC and frankly do not want to go back..

I'm guessing Wade is one that as long as he gets a good salary will be content to stay as a DC..

give them the title of assistant HC and great money he stays.. besides who really wants to go to a disaster like KC, CLE, SAN and try to fix it.. Odds are in 3 years you are looking for a DC job again and JDR fell into a really sweet spot these do not come around very often..
Agreed. This is what I am hoping for. Pay him top money to stay, whatever that amount needs to be, idk, but do whatever is necessary to keep him, then let him take his time and find a great situation way down the road.
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