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Bradley Roby

It WAS the same ankle for Kupe as last year. I really hope the report that it isnt broken again is true.?? But we have no official report. He is gonna be out for sometime in all likelihood as he was on crutches and had a lower leg boot on in the locker room.

I'm just worried about long term problems with that leg.. He might need a full off season to really fully heal and regain the leg strength and conditioning. You can definitely see a difference in size between his lower left leg and right leg still.

But if he has broken that ankle again them I'm starting to worry about some kind of osteopenia or genetic weakness in bones with all the bone breaks he has had?! Anyway, no use speculating on that until we know what happened for sure.

Heal up big fella and get back in there ASAP.. we need you at full strength and power! Really glad we have Rameriz at least who can hold his own pretty well and is not a giant step down at right guard.
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