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Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
It's not diverting resources that could be used other places? That was one of the main arguments against the marathon even though a marathon uses a greater number of volunteers. And NYC wasn't even as bad as NJ.

And once again, saying the SuperDome was housing homeless people (although that should really be verified first), doesn't account for why the Giants got an extra home game as opposed to having the game at a neutral site.
Here's the NFL's thought process:

1. Can we hold the game at the original stadium?
2. We can't? Where can we logistically hold and sell tickets to a game with such short notice?

With Katrina, the answer to 1. was no, and the only realistic answer to 2. was Giants Stadium. With Sandy, the answer to 1. was yes, so they stopped there.

It's not about competitive advantage, it's about logistics.
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