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When Katrina happened, the Saints were forced to lose a home game by playing at the Giants. This gave the Giants an extra home game that season.

Now here we are several years later and the shoe is on the other foot, Except, the Giants are not going to lose their home game, forcing the Pittsburgh Steelers to fly to NY the day of the game.

Also, Mayor Bloomberg had been taking a beating for going forward with the marathon. Meanwhile, New Jersey had it much worse where the storm is concerned, and the reaction to having a football game in NJ, isn't nearly as volatile as it was for having a marathon in NYC. And many of the people involved with running marathons are volunteers.

Anyone else see the hypocricy here?
Really? Idiot much??

You realize there were homeless people living in the Superdome at the time of the game. Plus the Superdome's dome wasn't so super at that time.
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