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here's a couple articles, one specific to OP

and one is about the issues with having games over here..

I am ambivalent about it to be honest. I think 2 games a year is reasonable, not not sure about the 10 games. But if they are serious about permanently having a team, well they have to start somewhere I suppose and London is a huge city. It feasibly could support a team more than some places in the US. Best bet would be the Jags I guess since they have **** attendance now. If they did it, they might have to take a look about how the conferences and teams are set up now and put them in an eastern conference or something.
It's not reasonable. The reason it's not reasonable is because American based teams are losing home games. Too much is spent on stadiums with public funds under the justification that it benefits a lot of people.

Having a team there would remove that issue.
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