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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I do not understand how most folks do not appreciate great franchises.. Teams, players and coaching..

If I'm going to get to the Superbowl I want to play the best to get there.. If not it will be repeats of Johns first three times and a lot like the 77 SB.. going in and getting our asses kicked because the conference was weak..

Yeah I know that sounds defeatist but if we can not beat the best legitimately then no use in going.. The NFC has a few super teams with great players..
I don't care who we face to get there. If there's a choice between facing lower seeds and getting there and facing higher seeds and losing, I'll take the lower seeds every day of the week. They don't put an asterisk next to your lombardi if you don't face the #1 or #2 seeds.

Was SB 33 tainted for you because we didn't face Minnesota?
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