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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
I am ambivalent about it to be honest. I think 2 games a year is reasonable, not not sure about the 10 games. But if they are serious about permanently having a team, well they have to start somewhere I suppose and London is a huge city. It feasibly could support a team more than some places in the US. Best bet would be the Jags I guess since they have **** attendance now. If they did it, they might have to take a look about how the conferences and teams are set up now and put them in an eastern conference or something.
I agree with you I think. I've never had a problem with the 1 London game at all. In fact, the NFL should always be trying to grow the sport. With that said, 10 games in one year could be tough, trying to work out all the byes, etc. And if they legitimately want a team out there, I agree, they have to put them in the AFC East from a logistics standpoint, and I think that would require re-alignment. Maybe the easy answer is move Jacksonville to the AFC East, move them to London, and then move Miami to the AFC South? I think for division games you have to try and limit the travel as much as possible, and facing NYJ, BUF, and NE would solve that, although still clearly not ideal.

I'm definitely more skeptical about having a team over there. It comes up in the NBA too. I just don't know if the travel involved on a week to week basis can really work.
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