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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
I don't get the hate for Mike Shanahan just like I never got the hate for Tebow and never got the hate for Jake Plummer. All those 3 have done for this franchise is win playoff games (and in Shanny's case 2 SBs including that 98 team I would put up against any in league history). Was it time for Shanahan to go when he did, yeah, but I don't hold any ounce of hate for him and what he did for the Broncos.

I got the hate for Orton - though once he stopped starting and now he's gone the hate just didn't have depth to it, and I understand the hate for Cutler with the way he left, even if it wasn't his fault, he still shat on the fans on the way out the door.
What I don't get is people who seem to think it's hate. As for me, it was more disgust and frustration. For Shanahan having such a huge ego he couldn't recognize his ineptness at being a GM, for sooooo long. For Tebow, NOT A QB. I don't understand the hate for Orton because his ineptness was the same as Tebows at times. For Plummer, his stupid, stupid play and he NEVER won a playoff game. Our defense did, we won in spite of Plummer. It is not hate, just disgust, frustration. I do appreciate the good they did for us but after a while it all had to go.

Yeah Bob, take Kyle. The Chiefs offense will improve. Good luck stopping other teams though. Sneaky feeling that ego has been past down.
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