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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by errand View Post
sure, like Target is so much better...

Yeah you're right...I should've just went to the horse's ass....err, mouth and asked you what kind of TV you own....

cuz no matter which TV I have watched the Broncos on, the camera only follows where the ball goes....but please keep regurgitating **** we already know......

I find it hilarious that clowns like you come in here with -

[] no access to NFL game film

[] no numerous camera angles provided by NFL Films or the networks

[] nor any experience coaching (or being coached) or playing the game at the NFL level

But think you know more than the average jock who does have access to such .....but please continue to post stupid **** like how the great Patrick Peterson won't face anyone good enough to showcase his amazing talents....
Wow... think you might just be a little TOO personally invested in this?

PS. Those emoticons aren't fooling anyone. We know you typed this in tear-stained underwear
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