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Orange Julius

AJ Green is a stud, you leave Champ on an island with Green, Green will get past him. That is why I like the 2 man against Green and using our 2nd corner with a safety over top. Harris or Carter can cut off the short routes and not have to worry so much about the deep ball. The only way they can make us come out of two man is running the ball effectively. If they run the ball right at Doom effectively then Moore will have to come up. Champ against the Bengals 2nd receiver takes Hawkins away completely. Anyhow, if Dalton is having to throw the ball into DC to get the ball to Green... I like our chances!

Remember, Champ played on an island last year against Megatron... Didn't work out to well including a long TD on Champ. AJ is a similar style player that can really high point a ball.
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