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Originally Posted by Broncobiv View Post
I go to a bar with my buddies every week to watch football. We get there early, before the first game starts, and stay until the afternoon game is over (we go home to watch the night game). Normally, I don't drink while I'm there. I usually order 2 meals (one per game) and drink water all day. But every now and then, I will choose to drink beer instead of eat (comes out to about the same dollar total). To clarify...I like eating as much as I like drinking. But there's no way I can afford both. So usually I choose food over beer (at least when I'm at the bar for football).

I think the early start tomorrow might entice me to choose drinking for the day instead of eating. Just the excitement of a Broncos game will force me to want a beer in my hand instead of a chicken sandwich! Go Broncos!! Go beer!!
I read this whole post and until the end I couldn't find the thesis. It was getting really frustrating.
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