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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I have to agree with this. Woodyard was considered a nice backup until lately. I give him credit, he's played well. But I also think JDR has a little something to do with it, and also I think our secondary has improved quite a bit as well. I don't know what all the fuss is though, people like or don't like DJ. Fact is, it doesn't matter. He's on the team for a reason. He is probably going to get a good shot at some considerable playing time when he does come back. Honestly though, this is not DJ vs Woodyard. I happen to think Woodyard is staying where he is and DJ will play MLB. If there is one thing DJ does do very well, that is blitz. I think he's solid at coverage and solid at tackling. It's going to be fun.

But back to the topic of the thread. I like the Broncos by 11 points on the road. Broncos 31 Bengals 20.
Dj is not a MLB played it in 07 and they moved him to will the next year. He proved at the time he was unable to make the calls for the front seven. With absolutely o experience so far with this new scheme and player group you think they will make him a MLB.

This is not FF nor madden. Time to get over the bromance.
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