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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Fight_On! View Post
Peyton was brought to Denver for 1 reason and 1reason bring a SB championship win to the Broncos. If that doesn't happen in his short time in Denver.....his signing is a complete FAIL.
While a SB win would be awesome, I adamantly disagree that it was the sole reason he was brought to Denver. He was brought in to win football games. But an additional motivation for acquiring an elite QB was to gain the public relations capital for shipping Tebow out of town. Had the front office not placed a clear upgrade on the roster first, there would have been howls of protest and outrage at the slightest hint that Tebow would not be the Broncos' starter on opening day 2012.

And the signing is already a complete success because we no longer have a QB controversy in Denver.
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