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Bit of constructive criticism, if you're open to it.

(If there's one thing we all know the Rev reacts well to it's being criticised!! )

I'd much prefer to see you choose two or three topics and go into real detail on them rather than the approach you're taking now.

For example, maybe spend a couple of paragraphs breaking down some of Harris' plays when he's lined up outside. What's he doing well? What does he need to improve upon? Same for your comment on Von against the run, or Demaryius' patience in waiting for his blockers.

I enjoy reading your posts on here because when you actually go into some depth you're one of the better posters on here in terms of providing insight into what's going on out on the field. There was some interesting ideas there when it came to previewing the Bengals game but I felt it could have been expanded much more and would have made a much better read had you done so.

In you piece after the San Diego game you talked about how they were using Von in coverage more and how that was a huge part of the second half comeback. You suggested using some 3-3 looks when DJ gets back, pointing out that Woodyard, DJ and Von are all very good pass rushing LB's and would thus create some headaches for opposing QB's in trying to guess who's coming.

That's the kind of stuff I'd like to read more of personally, rather than throw-away one-liners which a lot of this recent piece seemed like to me honestly.

Just my two cents, anyway.
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