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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Hard to believe you would really feel that way. Shanny brought us 2 SB titles how can you say you wish he had never been here?

Shanny was here 2 seasons too long but I am sure as hell glad he was the Broncos coach for the rest of his tenure even with the horrid drafting and in later years bad FA signings.
I'm forever grateful of the two rings.. but after John left he only drug this franchise down.. with his piss poor personnel moves.. HE was a genius initially when FA first started.. then he believed all ills of the Broncos could be fixed with it.. and it kept getting more expensive each year especially after everyone else saw what he had done to plug holes to get us those two rings..

IMO he was here 8 seasons to long.. even the play off run with Jake was fools gold, As much as I liked Jake he had very little/nothing to support him talent wise.. the OL was a joke even if they had good numbers on running the ball, when we had to have the yards inside the 20 we folded like a cheap tent, Elam was a leader in scoring in the NFL because we could not finish with TD's when we got close..

his Defenses sucked for most of his career here.. only a couple of time ranked in the top ten.. and then usually one side was strong while the other side of the D was near the bottom.. lets not even talk about ST's as we for the most part really sucked there..

sorry but I have zero love for mikey past those two rings.. Who knows with the talent we already had on the team another HC could have come in and done the same thing..
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