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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
It's lonestar. He's a ****ing idiot.
wow another poster that has to go straight to attack mode because he has nothing civil to say..

what have I said about tanahan that was wrong?

he was an excellent OC, over his head as HC Twice now, maybe even three times the jury is out in WAS, he was beyond lousy as the GM, his talent evaluations sucked to high heaven, loved to spend someone else's money, never saw a Defense he liked.. hired more coaches than most people on here can count.. fingers and toes..

won us a couple of rings past that he should have left when he was ahead, oh the one that almost everyone likes he won a lot of games..

But he lost every Playoff game after John left excpet one and THEN the next week we got our asses kicked..

did I leave anything out?
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