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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I am not really worried about this game at all, the current Broncos roster is set up excellently against a team like the Bengals - their offense is not particularly explosive compared to the top of the league and they rely heavily on their number 1 reciever plus their run game is based entirely around grinding short and medium gains with almost no threat of long gains.

Right now we match up well against teams relying on the field position battle since our offense has shown consistent ability to move the ball 80 yards for a TD when required, with AJ Green as the prime target we will be able to match up Champ Bailey with safety help most of the day and allow our physical CBs to deal with the Bengals number 2 and 3 WRs. Gresham is a challenge at TE, but he lacks the athleticism of Gronkowski which should help and I think if we can be physical at the line we have hopes of covering him with a 2 deep look.

The bengals weakness on defense is definitely the safety position, which should help us go deep with Thomas and Decker but we may also be looking to get Green into the secondary to cause some damage, he is a big guy with a lot of speed.
one can only hope it is this easy..

I fear a letdown from the past two games being emotional highs.. that is something we have been plagued with since mikey took the helm a long time ago.. .

Also read a stats somewhere that DEN is 2-18 in early games on eastcoast time..

Lets hope those issues can be disposed of starting with this game..
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