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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Notre Dame rallies and wins in 3 OTs, 29-26.

They were down 20-6 in the 4th quarter.

Notre Dame is good, but I'm still not sold on them as a National Championship contender.

Pittsburgh is not a very good team this season and Notre Dame was lucky to come back and beat them.

I'm sure they overlooked Pitt after being geeked up to play Oklahoma the week before.

I think Alabama or Oregon would expose and systematically dominate Notre Dame if either of them played the Irish in the National Championship Game.
I live in the Chicago area, never was a fan, don't watch much college ball at at all and only the last 5 minutes today but you could tell it was destined for them to win. It felt the same way as the improbable Tebow comebacks. I had a feeling that Pitt would miss that FG in OT and then they did!

Pretty funny. I doubt they win the BCS but they still have a shot.

To be honest the only reason I watched what I did was because my nephew said they were his favorite team before the season started. Not sure if he picked them by throwing a dart or had a friend who's parents went there but he picked a good one.
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