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Originally Posted by ohiobronco2 View Post
I'm not a Notre Dame fan at all, but they keep finding a way to win these really ugly games. In all honesty, they remind me a lot of OSU in 2002. I guess the lone exception is that they don't have a Maurice Clarett type back on their team. I thought Oklahoma would have exposed them, but they rose to the challenge. We will see.
Well, I am a Notre Dame fan and I was so disappointed in how we executed today. That being said, this season has been one of those dreams that I don't want to wake up from (like the ones where you are about to bag a supermodel) but at the same time I do NOT want to see us have to play Alabama or Oregon in a National Title game. I just don't think we match up.

I was honestly expecting 8-9 wins with our schedule and was hoping for a good showing in whatever bowl we got. Now I am just hoping that we kick the **** out of U$C and win whatever bowl we may find ourselves in.
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