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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
it was foolishness then, it's even more foolishness now.

though Lelie was starting to develop into a nice WR until he went into full on diva with PMS and a stick shoved up his prissy little rear end mode.
but the main thing that pisses me off about the Foster draft.
we took that worthless **** in the same draft as the most useless draft pick of all time. Terry Pierce. failing that epically in the top two rounds is damn near impossible and yet somehow we managed to do it.
ashely a great WR ahahahahahaha made some awesome catches but almost always out of bounds or in the end zone.. regular over the middle catches where he could be tackled or hit the dude had alligator arms..

he was a world beater in college, but he never played against a DB that was worth a crap in the WAC.. once he got into the pros all of sudden these guys were as good/fast as he was and it hurt when he got tackled..

I suspect he was living up to his name ashely..

might be decent in todays NFL where the WR can't be touched but back then not so much..

you are correct about foster and TP, infact that whole draft stunk

1 	20 	George Foster 	T 	Georgia
2 	51 	Terry Pierce 	LB 	Kansas State
4 	108 	Quentin Griffin 	RB 	Oklahoma
4 	114 	Nick Eason 	DT 	Clemson
4 	128 	Bryant McNeal 	DE 	Clemson
5 	157 	Ben Claxton 	C 	Mississippi
5 	158 	Adrian Madise 	WR 	Texas Christian
6 	194 	Aaron Hunt 	-- 	Texas Tech
7 	227 	Clint Mitchell 	DE 	Florida
7 	235 	Ahmaad Galloway 	RB 	Alabama
the only notable player in there was Q albeit a very short, pardon the pun career.. not sure anyone there ever played a meaning full down in regular season for us..
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