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Mike Shanahan
Default Saints and @Bengals

Three phases, 60 minutes, preparation and execution along with every other NFL cliche… throw them out the window. Sunday Night Football hosting the New Orleans Saints was just a solid ass-kicking. Won’t waste much time going into themes, so here’s a few notable details to take away:

- Demaryius has a fantastic decleat block and has grown into being an extremely patient runner behind blockers (*best on the team at this)

- Von’s grown SIGNIFICANTLY vs the run. Saw some great “stack & shed” work all night long.

- We saw some great blocking by Virgil Green. Certainly wasn’t expecting that.

- Chris Harris is growing on the outside. It’s hard to apply inside skills outside at the professional level, but he’s doing it exceedingly well.

- Reference back to my first post: Tony Carter continues to play like Tramon Williams. What a gem.

- Saints played a lot of cover 2 against the most cerebral QB of all time. Therefore they deserved to get annihilated in the seams.

- RE: Our new punt returner, “I’d say Holliday is looking like a dream vacation!” Don’t roll your eyes… you know you smirked.

- And to supply at least one negative: We struggled with YAC in the first quarter on BOTH sides of the ball.
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