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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
considering he lead the league in holding penalties ACCEPTED last year and he was playing like crap for part of the year..
sure we should have made him the highest paid OL guy in the league..

In case you did not get the memo OLT are not the uber hot item they were the past decade..

with the advent of the shotgun, 3 step drops and getting the ball out fast they are not needed like they were when 5-7 step drops were in vogue..

Now I have no issue with him getting bigger money than he made this year.. but 10+ a year is more than I would pay.. and certainly not give 40+million in guaranteed money..

I would draft his replacement this year franchise him this coming year and the next one if the newbie was not far enough along..

and still save a gazillion in guaranteed money..
Bet you a 100 he gets gets Joe Thomas money. You in?
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