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The OL has no depth (Hochstein sucks, Lilja can't snap),
you have no WR depth outside of Bowe,
a talented D on paper gives up late in the game,
the front 7 outside of Hali doesn't stick to their basics/assignments,
and the only guy outside of Hali that I saw play with a chip on his shoulder was Dorsey before he got injured.

That's not even mentioning special teams that suck and were getting into fights every 2nd return, Baldwin/Cassel yelling at each in the first half, and Daboll going ape**** on the sidelines.

There are serious problems in the coaching staff all the way to Crennel who looks half asleep on the sidelines.

You don't just need a new GM, but a veteran coaching staff, 2 DBs, a proper NT, two WRs (with Bowe likely out) and break in a rookie QB next year.

That's close to a 3 year rebuild.

Pioli has actually done a decent job on the OL IMO. I loved the Rodney Hudson and Jeff Allen picks. Hudson is the most decorated FSU OL (he broke his leg 2 games ago) and Allen had the experience in college+talent+bloodlines (got a concussion). I also loved the Justin Houston pick. I think he could be a very special player.
As for Baldwin, I really think coaching and a QB will do wonders for him. He has talent, no question. He just needs someone to keep pushing him like Haley did.

I think the rest is coaching. This team reminds me of the 2010 49ers (but they are playing much worse football) in that the team has good pieces, but the coaching and QB play is horrific.

Chiefs do have some holes to fill I agree, and I hope the next GM puts a big emphasis on the defensive line (via free agency or 2nd rd preferably). I think if you have a strong defense and a franchise QB you can beat anybody in the NFL.
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