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Simon Fletcher

BTW, don't fall for Fight On's crap. He is doing a KCDude impersonation (and probably him anyways since he is here when Dude is banned).
Simply put, we don't know what is in store for our team. We have a few very tough teams to deal with in the playoffs. I do know that we are going to the playoffs. Anything less would be a collosal fail. That is what the Raiders have done since they got blown out in the Super Bowl. Nothing but absolute crap. How do they rebuild? By wasting two 1st round picks on an average QB that won't get them far. Those 2 picks, if done correctly, could be a minimum 5 years to life of nothing but greatness for that team. Instead the Raiders won't be getting that opportunity plus they know their QB is average. That is a waiting game and the rebuilding doesn't start. Broncos are improving on both sides of the ball, they make the playoffs as a legitimate threat and have a QB in the wings to take over. We don't know his ability just yet but the fact he is behind Manning is a great plus.
To all the Raider fans (and that would be just one brain dead left) here at the Mane, did Manning also beat you on defense too? Seems our D gave you exactly ZERO touchdowns to work with and 6 points total. 37 to 6 sounds like a balanced game from all 3 phases.
Not sure why you are fighting it. This is a thread about the Raiders Sucking. There is no way you can dispute that or that we actually suck. No excuses of rebuilding. There is no proof of that and you guys are failing at it too. Enjoy your season. Looks like it will be actually worse than last season. Wow, in other words, Raiders suck!
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