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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Seriously, just stop. Are you set for a SB in the next few seasons with Carson Palmer? You just used up 2 first round picks to do just that. Now who is closer and better for the future with their new QB? Seems we got our QB without losing any draft picks and you used up 2 possible players that can get you over the hump. Let me ask you this: After, hell WITH PALMER, are the Faiders set up for success (?), um no.

We really thought you were a different breed of Raider fan. Either you are KCDud's alternate account or you went brain dead. Seriously, teams change after a few years and we are going for that opportunity. What better way then to get the best FA QB out there in 2012? If you can't see the teams improvement on not only offense but defense, we can't help your pea brain thinking. Enjoy the rest of the season. I know we will be doing just that!
Originally Posted by baja View Post
You forgot to tell him how many picks we had to give up to sign PEYTON FK'N MANNING
Old man, see bold. Don't read between the lines. I need to spell it out for the Faider fans that come a trolling. If i hide anything in the paragraph, fat chance he would see it.
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