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Originally Posted by Fight_On! View Post
As of now the Raiders are not set for the future at QB, but I am talking about Denver. Here is the problem with the Peyton signing. Unless the Denver Peytons win atleast one SB in the 2-3 years he is there, the signing is a failure. Not only that, in the 2-3 years that Denver may have 10+ wins or better, they will be drafting consistently low and not in the 1st 3 rounds. It's SB or bust and the odds are not on Denver's favor.

This is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. The same could be said then for ANY free agent or trade for any team. I you do not win the superbowl it was a failure.

If the raiders dont win a superbowl with palmer it was a failure
If the pats dont win a superbowl with aquib talib and the raiders first round pick from seymour it was a failure
If the panthers dont win a superbowl with Cam or tolbert its a failure
If the chargers dont win with eddie royal its a failure
If the cardinals dont win with kevin kolb its a failure
If the eagles dont win with DRC and the pick from kolb its a failure
If the cheifs dont win with cassell or quinn its a failure

I could do this for all 32 teams in the NFL.

What a stupid thing to say.
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