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Originally Posted by Fight_On! View Post
Bull****! Is that all Elway signed him for? What a waste.
The goal of all football teams should be to win now. Some have a better chance at that. Getting Peyton Manning gave us a much better chance at that then any other option.

You've said your team is making strides, improving in some ways. Leaving having a GOAT as QB aside, Denver is making improvements too, some tied directly to the Manning signing, but there are big strides in Defense as well. Frankly after the debacle of having McD as coach we've practially resurrected Lazarus. The fact that our organization could recover enough to entice a QB of Manning's caliber (and he is still playing at a higher level than most of the ones out there) says we've taken much bigger strides than any other team in the division.

If the worst insult you can come up with is calling us the Denver Peytons, I think I can live with that, because OMG, being known for having a GOAT still performing like it is okay by me. I am sure Miami still loves Dan Marino and he didn't win a Superbowl and yet he gave the city a great ride. I obviously want a Superbowl ideally. If that doesn't happen, it will be enough that having Manning and winning and attracting talent back to Denver will help us build again.

But honestly I do think we have a good shot at getting a ring. The AZ Cardinals almost did it with Kurt Warner, who is not the QB Manning is. We don't have Larry Fitz I know, but having Manning rather than Tebow is likely to help us bring in talent who know Denver is serious about winning NOW.
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