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So the CIA was there with an unarmed drone and we still thought we were dealing with a protest about a video?
Let it die. The CIA releases a CYA report detailing how they did everything they could, answering a question that was never really asked. And these guys lap it up.

If they expect us to believe that a handful of underarmed and unprepared CIA operatives was the most the United States could bring to bear on a long confrontation just a couple hours south of Europe, they're wasting their breath.

They tried to do this under the radar because Libya-as-an-Al-Qaeda-Playground right before the election is a message they didn't want getting out.

In the end, they sacrificed lives for politics. The military wasn't involved, or even asked, because of news cycle management. When they couldn't make a half-assed undercover rescue work, they turned to plan b to scapegoat and jail crackpot Youtube video producers.

Each and every one of these shills would be howling impeachment if the tables were turned. This administration started with the lies about this incident from the very beginning. Now suddenly we're supposed to take every word at face value.
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