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Aaron Brewer

Originally Posted by milehighJC View Post
I grew up a Bengals fan - trust me a thankless profession - which is why I left the dark side in the early 90's and followed the Broncos (Plus I moved to CO which helped).

I cant help but remember the pain of the 2000 game. The Broncos were 4-3, the Bengals 0-6. I remember expecting the Broncos would kick Cincinnati's butt from one side of the field to the other, and I trashed talked my old Cincinnati fans appropriately. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. Corey Dillon ran for 278 yards, and the Broncos lost the game 21-31. Dillon set a single game rushing record that day, and it still stands at #4.

If you are into pain, the ugly stats are here:

That was a painful day. A trap game for the Broncos. Will Sunday be another trap game? I doubt it. But to ignore the possibility would be unwise.

I remember that game very well. It was horrible.
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