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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
DJ was here for all of OTA's and camp and he's been allowed at facilities now so it's not like he just got here and somebody gave him a playbook, and he's not a rookie who needs to adjust for the NFL game speed. He'll be fine. Trevathon makes a few nice plays against the pass and all of a sudden he's our go to guy to cover TE's? Cmon now. Sounds like some people are hoping DJ won't play well. That's crazy. He's a Bronco. Let's hope he comes back and tears it up.
Well obviously you have more faith or a strong bromance for dumb ass than I do.

While he may have had time in OTA's and camp being on the filed in real situations goes a lot farther than "practice ". Plus it has evolved since then also.
I don't like the guy no secret there but mainly because he let his team down on more than one occasion.

While some of you are willing to overlook that I do not think that JDR and Fox not to mention John will reward him with playing time unless they have to.

If dj was half as good as his salary cap number then maybe I would cut the moron some slack. But he has not out performed a guy making 20% of what has does. Making him expendable.

As I said before J,J,J have made it clear in their personnel moves they like smart players and leaders and dumb ass is neither, compounding the situation is his contract.

Now they may welcome him back I do not know. But I'd like to think they will make him earn any spot he gets. A little tough love to see if he really wants it or thinks he is entitled to it. Which by his past actions is what I see.

Unless something drastic happens he is gone after the season, if not when he comes off of suspension. Kind of let's the rest of the team know to mind their Ps and Qs.

manning was a great step in upping the game I just do not see him on that level.
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