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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
After looking at my prediction, I'm going to revise it. I think the Chargers probably can poop out 7-9 maybe 8-8. I think the Chiefs finish 3-13. And the Raiders take second place in the division at 8-8. Allen has reduced their penalties and they aren't playing defense from 1960 anymore.

Broncos I will stick to 10-6. I figure we drop at least one game we should win but close out strong.
I'm in the same boat. On paper, the Chiefs are a fairly talented team. They're just so badly lacking in the two most important positions -- head coach and quarterback -- that it is infecting everything else. I've watched a number of their games lately and it's atrocious; like a portal to 1980s-style football. Dan Reeves' reincarnate with a gutless QB is a recipe for disaster. Charles is a very, very talented running-back, but he isn't a god. Teams are stacking that box like the Chiefs run game owes them money.

They might be one of the worst overall teams in NFL history right now.
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