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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I see someone else is without a woody for dumb ass..

I will trust JDR to find the best place for him considering he has not set foot on the field in the current configuration we have..

Most likely that will be the sidelines or bench unless someone is injured..

Elway and Fox have made it plain with all the folks they have brought in the regard leadership and intelligence more than just being an athlete.. Pretty sure he will be gone after this year if the kiddies continue to grow the way they have so far..

The only way to get that experience is on the field WHICH I will repeat is something DJ does not have with this Defense.. Why try and teach him when the other guys have been doing a damned fine job the past few games.. We got gashed in NE and I doubt seriously that DJ would have made any difference in that game.. it was all new super fast no huddle and it caught us all off guard..

the bungals will be out next test for this run defense.. if we can shut them down then there is hope he rides the pine..

DJ was here for all of OTA's and camp and he's been allowed at facilities now so it's not like he just got here and somebody gave him a playbook, and he's not a rookie who needs to adjust for the NFL game speed. He'll be fine. Trevathon makes a few nice plays against the pass and all of a sudden he's our go to guy to cover TE's? Cmon now. Sounds like some people are hoping DJ won't play well. That's crazy. He's a Bronco. Let's hope he comes back and tears it up.
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