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D.J. Williams

Make a ****ing decent read. There were TWO potential TD's on that drive that were missed.

This is ****ing bull****. How bout a first down even? Cause when the defense has been on the field 2/3 of the night, there should be more than ****ing 7 seconds before 1st down and 3rd and long.

Make a decent ****ing read, Stephen. And don't talk about it on the sidelines. That doesnt accomplish ****? Is that going to make it retroactively a completion where you ****ed it up? No, so sit on the bench and STFU. We should have iced this by now. ****ing do something for once in your life. I'm sick of tired of this ****.

Putting the defense on the field AGAIN when they are all underclassmen and have been on the field all game already......genius!
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