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Default Where Does DJ Fit When He Returns?

The trade deadline has passed, most were following a thread that spoke about Deangello being brought here, but now that we have passed the deadline, where does DJ fit going forward? He's not going to be traded (obviously), he's not going to be cut, and John Fox seems to think he is an impact player from the LB position.

With Woodyard playing great football, DJ will obviously not be taking back the weak side spot upon his return after the Carolina game. His tweeted pics were of him on the strong side. Popular belief on here is he will play Mike, although apparently he has said playing Mike is his least favorite of the three...

So I pose this question, when DJ returns, if coach Fox really thinks he is a difference maker, where does he fit? Jeff Legwold over the Denver Post seems to think he will play inside when they use some 3-4 fronts as well as in nickel formations.

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