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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Ill take neither. As I'm not a thunder fan or a rockets fan. Long term success means they kept the players they wanted. Their big 3 is just fine and will be set for years. Multiple draft picks in the future gives them room to do other things than just recieve a really late pick in the rounds. And when you have a GM that knows how to evaluate talent it's even better

I need to see more from him to say he's a superstar. Superstars don't lay eggs in the finals. He looked horrible and was one of the reasons why thunder lost. The other reason was going up against a mad man who was determined to win a trophy. Lebron became Lebron those last 2 series.
ONE finals performance does not a player make. Not to mention, HES 23!!! Plus, Lebron was already amazing before those performances, people just love to simplify their arguments by basing them on simple winning and losing.

And yes, Presti is a good evaluator, but his core three were the 2,3,4 picks in the draft, so lets not pretend he got them all from the scrap heap. 23 year old studs dont grow on trees, especially ones who seemed OK taking a back seat and turning it on when needed.
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