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Originally Posted by Al Wilson View Post
People need to remember that this kid is only 22 years old. The strides he has made from last year to this year is unthinkable. Last year he didn't even know how to make a tackle and seemed lost on the field. This year I have yet to seen anyone get past him. Just imagine what he's gonna be doing in a couple years when he has more knowledge of the defense and the safety position. I love the way this kid is playing.
He missed tackles last yr because he was out of position, not because he didn't know how to tackle. He came into the NFL and realized you can't just run around and use your athletic ablility, you have to diagnos plays. IMO he has slowed down his movements at the snap where last yr he just took off when the ball was snapped. IMO he was reacting to strongly to the first thing he saw. Now that he is slowing down and thinking, diagnosing plays, when he does explode to go make a play he is in better position because he hasn't ran himself out of it.

Watched him a lot at UCLA and basically he just got to run around and try to make picks. Surrpised he gotten more of those but i think they will come.
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