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McGahee has a 64% success rate on runs.

What is a success? Gaining at least half the yards to a first down, or a first down on third down. Why is this significant? It's the highest success rate in the league with RBs having 64+ rushing attempts.

Not sure where you get your numbers... but not a single rushing conversion on 3rd and short. 10 attempts. 13 yards. 0 first downs.

On all 3rd downs overall for Willis, he has 13 carries and 2 first downs, for a 15% conversion rate. Which, from what I heard last year is incomprehensibly bad.

It's nice he gets a few yards on 1st or 2nd down when defenses are worried about stopping a HOF QB. But when this team NEEDS yards on the ground, it routinely can't get them.

Not that it matters that much. Peyton's the man. He should be given the ball when we need a play. But our OL is still a big question mark, especially running the ball.
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