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Originally Posted by 400HZ View Post
Norval is gone if the Chargers lose tomorrow night. Gone. Fineto. Done. Pink slip Friday morning. Spanos will have to make the move just to keep selling tickets. And honestly I hope we lose. I've been a fan through a lot of bad times, but this year has finally done it for me. Screw Spanos, screw AJ, screw Rivers, and **** Norv. I can't take it anymore.

I KNOW the Chargers are going to win tomorrow. KC hasn't led a game during regulation all year. They are one of the worst teams of all time. It just figures that Norv would get to face the worst team ever when he's finally inches from the cliff. Classic Norv. The Chargers will win and we'll be subject to three or four more weeks of ****ing Norv and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!
Best case scenario would be a ugly 3-0 Charger victory and Norv gets fired anyway.

But they'll probably wind up destroying the Chiefs and this is going to be another November-December run where the front office gets confidence again in Norv and we'll have to endure him for the full season. Get ready for it.
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