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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
I know they were really good that year. I honestly think they would of won a SB with Marty. I think a big reason for the decline is the firing of Marty and his ability to draft great. It's about the Jimmy and the Joes not the X's and O's.
That would have been contrary to all past performances. Marty was a great regular Eason coach. But folded like a cheap tent in gale force winds in the playoffs. Just ask John. He got him at least 3 times. Twice in Cle and iirc another time in KC or San.
The drive the fumble were both Cle fubars.

Iirc NE got him also.

Not so good when the chips are all on the table. Thus why he was fired after a 14-2 season.
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